teacher & coach

Anne has taught theatre, voice, music, dance, speech and debate, art, language arts and more to students of all ages in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, New York and Northern California. She has directed, music directed, choreographed, and produced programs and productions and is a leader in “new school” approach to theatre production and education.

As an educator, Anne has supported students at all levels. She has worked with artists to help them gain the courage to speak in front of a crowd of 5 to 10,000, build the confidence and to audition for local community theatres, earn leading roles in their school’s productions, get cast in professional company productions in major theatre cities, land starring roles in Pixar films, and everything in between.

Anne’s educational philosophy is to awaken in others their unique potential and passions. Starting with strengths, Anne is dedicated to helping students use their voice to create meaningful change in the world.

Areas of teaching artist expertise include: public speaking, voice, acting, musical theatre, dance and choreography, yoga, and career coaching.

Interested in working with Anne? Send inquiries to Anne.Norland@gmail.com.

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